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If timely and quality verifications are vital to the success of your network efficiency and productivity, you need a cost-effective, secure solution for ensuring the accuracy of your providers' data. Med Advantage offers a variety of solutions for handling the many different forms of verification needs. Contact a sales representative to determine the right solution for your Credentialing verification needs.

Med Advantage: Your Data Verification Solution!
Med Advantage consistently improves the efficiency and accuracy of the credentialing business' data verifications. This process employs various alternatives (Web access, on-demand fax service as well as traditional credentialing service) to easily integrate our data verification services into your business environment. Med Advantage is ideal for small or large corporations with different environments serving a variety of credentialing needs.

The Data Verification Specialists
Med Advantage provides credentialing verification services to Fortune 500 companies, national HMO's and locally-owned managed care organizations. With a strong customer satisfaction rate, it's no wonder why we understand the challenges MCO’s confront when attempting to maintain an in-house department while trying to meet productivity and efficiency demands.

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